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Leadership: Leadership

Pastor David Oluwadara

Senior Pastor

Pastor David Oluwadara is the Senior Pastor at DaySpring Chapel located in Hyde Park, MA. DaySpring Chapel was established by Pastor David and his late wife, Adeola Oluwadara. They raised four adult children together: Oluwasijibomi, David Jr., Ooreofejesuni, and Oluwadamilola. Pastor David has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration, and has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years.   


Pastor David gave his life to Christ over 35 years ago while a college student. He then went on to start a prayer ministry, Tower of the Flock, in Boston in 1994, which later became Royal Intercessors International. The vision of this ministry was to teach the body of Christ the importance of health and wellness, dealing with life as a whole -- physically, spiritually, and mentally -- and not just life in church. Over 12 years ago, he became an ordained minister and served as an Associate Pastor prior to planting DaySpring Chapel. DaySpring Chapel is affiliated with Realm of Glory International Churches and Every Nation Churches, based in Nigeria and Tennessee, respectively. His desires for the church are to have a multi-ethnic, multi-generational congregation. Pastor David brought the foundation of the ministry work he established with Tower of the Flock to DaySpring Chapel. As you will read in our About Us and Our Vision pages, DaySpring Chapel believes in more than Sunday Worship. We strive to build up each member of the church and learn to live the Word of God each day. 

In his free time, Pastor David enjoys planting and gardening. 

Minister David Oluwadara Jr.

Minister of Worship

Minister David Oluwadara Jr is the leader of DaySpring Chapel’s music ministry. He is the second-born and eldest son of Pastor David and the late Adeola Oluwadara. David’s love and passion for music does not stop at the piano; he sings and plays various musical instruments. 


He also served as a campus ministry leader at Boston University, where he obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. During his time as BU’s campus ministry leader, he led bible studies, facilitated worship nights, and discipled students to be leaders. Now, David applies this wisdom and experiences to DaySpring Chapel. 


In his free time, he loves visiting various thrift shops throughout the city. David finds time to balance his work life, ministry, and artistic pursuits with guidance and grace from God.

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