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Pray, Preach and Prosper,

in order to

   Arise, Shine and Excel.




The statement of the apostles in Acts 6:4 “-- we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word” is applicable to every believer that wants to be a visible force of faith to be reckoned with in society, and DaySpring Chapel seeks to teach and train Christians how to Pray, Preach and Prosper. Read more about the three Pillars below!




Through the ministry of the Word and prayer, we seek to give the light of life, understanding, direction and peace- in this dark world of sin, death, confusion, and chaos.
As part of our commitment to build up each believer in their faith, the leadership of the church does house calls as needed. If you so desire, we can visit your house to pray for you and your family. Please visit our contact page to contact the church about house calls.



The Three Pillars
1. Pray: Men ought always to pray and not faint. If we don’t pray, we’ll faint. Prayer is one of the three pillars of DSC. DSC's definition of prayer is based on 2 Corinthians 4:13-14. According to this scripture, faith is, “I believe, and therefore I speak.” Since faith and prayer go hand-in-hand, it also means that, Prayer is, “I believe, and therefore I speak.” What do we believe? It is the Word. What do we speak? It is the Word. There is no way we can be effective in our prayer without the Word- revealed. The word of God is the substrate and substance of prayer. 
2. Preach: Every true believer is a preacher. Our life is the light and it is the gospel epistle written and read by all men. Every believer is “Emmanuel” - God with us- making the invisible God visible and palpable in a world that is increasingly seeking evidence for existence of the divinity.
3. Prosper: The expression of our faith will be more effective when, by the word and prayer we recognize, activate and apply the skills, talents and abilities given to us in Christ Jesus (Philemon 6; Timothy 1:6 )-  that we may prosper in all things and be in health, just as our soul prospers -3John2. Our definition of prosperity is “integrity” or a well-rounded life. A good balance of Spirituality and Physicality equals Prosperity. It must be understood that in order for us to Pray well, Preach well and Live well (Prosper), the word of God has to be applied, internalized and exemplified in our life. The Word initiates Prayer; Word and Prayer inspire Preaching; and Word, Prayer and Preaching produce in us a life of Prosperity. 
The Three Pillars is is based on Acts 6:4
The Word: The word of God is the foundation of all the facets of our Faith. In truth, the word of God, is God himself. So it follows that, God is the beginning of our faith. The scripture says that, Christ is the author and the finisher of our faith-Hebrews 12:2. Really, God has magnified his word above all his name- Psalm 138:2. Even the world was created by the word; there was nothing that was made, without the word. What does this mean? It means that all our Christian walk - faith, love, sanctification, righteousness, etc, start and end with the word. The word is the yardstick or the standard by which we examine, test or measure all we do physically and spiritually.
The word of God authenticates our life, and not the other way around. If the word of God and our life don’t concord, it is not the word that is called to question, but our life- no matter how dignifying and decorative it is.

Fellowship: What is fellowship? FELLOWS IN SAME SHIP!
DSC definition of fellowship is: Constant contact for the purpose of communicating, communing, caring and sharing, companionship, comradeship, community and friendship, for the purpose of building and solidifying relationship. Relationship Births Fellowship; Fellowship Builds Relationship. Our fellowship with God and with one another is based on our relationship- God has our father, and all of us as brothers and sisters “in the household of God, the church of the living, the pillar and foundation of the truth” (1Tim.3:15).  In fellowship, we develop our relationship with God and with one another through the word and prayer. It is an engagement and interaction with the divinity and humanity. In the early church, FELLOWSHIP was the MAINSTAY of the believers (Acts 2:41-47,4:23,5:12-16). Fellowship is still the MAINSTAY of believers, much more so in these last days, even as the Holy Spirit says to in Hebrews 10:19-25.
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